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My name is Donna and I'm the owner of Bella Joy Siberians.  My husband, Shawn, and our sons make up the rest of our human family.  Shawn and our oldest son have severe pet allergies.  By the time our son was 10 years old before we had almost given up on having a pet. Then we discovered the Siberian Cat Breed!  A show on the Animal Planet channel called CATS 101 about Siberians changed our lives forever.  After watching, we learned that people with allergies could live with Siberian cats. My hubby and I researched their hypoallergenic qualities and didn't stop until we had our first Siberian Forest Cat of our own!

Now, we have over 6 years of experience with Siberian Cats!  Our kittens are raised in a cage free environment.  They are our family and ready to become a member of your family when they arrive in your home.  We offer the best social environment for your kitten that our experience and devotion to the breed will allow.  No one will love your Siberian kitten more than us! 

Testimonies and references will verify our experience and have many repeat buyers to prove it!  We have kittens all over the Continental U.S. and Canada.  Many of our kittens are in Kentucky, Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, North and South Carolina, New York, Boston, and Florida.  We would love to have a Bella Joy kitten in every state and in countries all over the world.

If you want a Siberian cat or kitten to love and enrich your life, then Bella Joy Siberians is the right breeder for you! Contact us Today about placing a Reserve on a Kitten!

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